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Vibratory Plates

Hardest hitting, longest lasting - MBW Vibratory Plates

MBW's advancements in vibratory plates have revolutionized the field over the past 48 years. MBW designs have doubled productivity, dramatically reduced maintenance and extended product life. The competition has been in continual catch-up mode. Today, MBW offers the industry’s broadest range of high production, single direction plates. Performance and life expectations of MBW plates continue to define the state-of-the-art.

  • Unsurpassed exciter quality including extra heavy duty housings, precision ground ductile eccentric shafts, oversized application matched bearings, oil mist lubrication system and custom lubricants to withstand high operating temperatures.
  • Stress relieved steel tamping plates are crack resistant and provide years of useful service.
  • Application matched quality shock mounts and double isolated guide handles.
  • Most importantly, each model offers a unique combination of frequency, centrifugal force, amplitude and mass to provide the best possible results in terms of productivity and product life.

Vibratory Plates

GPX Series

GPX Series:

This series of economical vibratory plates, the GP12, GP15 & GP18, are portable, and offer outstanding compaction performance.

2000 Series

2000 Series:

The finest asphalt plate available offering an efficient watering system; stress relieved, crack resistant, solid steel base plate and full roll cage protection. Offered with either a Honda or Robin engine.

3550 Series

3550 Series:

The 3550 Series Vibratory Plates are THE premium, high production compactor. All models provide reduced hand/arm vibration, full roll cage protection, enhanced amplitude, faster travel speed and updated yet rugged appearance.

3000-15 Series

3000-15 Series:

Specialty plate for sidewalk, curb & gutter and narrow trenches. Plate can turn 180 degrees in its own length for confined areas.

5800 Series

5800 Series:

The GP5800 is an upgrade of model GP5500. GP5800 maintains its predecessor's outstanding performance characteristics while improving the design in terms of ergonomics, ease of service and product life expectations.

7000 Series

7000 Series:

The hardest hitting plate in MBW's line up. 7900 lbs. of compaction force to complete 30" lifts in difficult soils. 675 lbs.

Small Reversibles

Small Reversibles:

Compact reversible plates for confined areas and trenches. 15", 18" and 22" base plates offer versatility.

Hydraulic Reversibles

Hydraulic Reversibles:

Mid to large size reversible plates with hydrostatic shifting for infinite forward, reverse and spot compaction. Three models available.