• MBW Soil Pick

    Pneumatic Soil Excavators

    The Soil Pick™ is a pneumatic soil excavation tool that locates and exposes buried underground utilities without risk of damage. Lightweight (6.2 lbs.), with zero hand/arm vibration... Learn More
  • MBW Airammer


    The Airammer™ isn't for everyone... but it's perfect for utility crews, municipalities and contractors with ready access to an air compressor. Eliminates maintenance problems associated... Learn More
  • MBW SCS2

    Soil Compaction Metering

    MBW's SCS2 uses seismic technology to manage the compaction process. It advises compactor operator when he has achieved optimal results and can terminate compaction. No laboratory soil analysis or instrument calibration required. Learn More
  • mbw Ergo-Tamp

    Pole Tampers

    MBW's Ergo-Tamp™ is a pneumatic pole tamper specifically designed to minimize hand/arm vibration. A patent pending vibration suppressor located at the hand-held end of the tool can reduce hand/arm vibration between 50 and 70%. Learn More
  • MBW V.E.U.

    Vapor Extraction Units

    The MBW Vapor Extraction Unit (V.E.U.) removes residual gas quickly and safely, while monitoring the percent of gas in the moving air. Learn More
  • Contact MBW

    Contact MBW

    Contact our Utility Development Specialist today. They can answer all of your questions and get you in touch with your local MBW dealer. Contact Us
  • Utility Connection Catalog 2017

    Product Catalog - Utility

    MBW catalog including all utility products. DOWNLOAD

About Our Utility Division

MBW's Utility Division is a fast growing part of our business. We are attracted to the utility industry's wealth of opportunities for product improvement and innovation. Over the past 5 years we have identified and moved forward on a number of R&D projects intended to address problems for which there was pressing need, but no acceptable means of resolution. These have been stimulating opportunities for a company that derives real satisfaction from solving technical problems and/or developing altogether new technologies.

In The News

MBW'S VEU highlighted in Pipeline & Gas Journal magazine The article's author interviewed several utilities who used the VEU to help solve a problems with migrating gas and pinpointing leaks. The article can be found on the Pipeline & Gas Journal website. Read the Article