Tuesday, March 30, 2021

This series of vibratory plates, the GP12, GP15 and GP18 are available with or without a water tank. A patented suspension system reduces hand arm vibration and also better isolates all upper mass components, including the engine, from vibrations produced by the machine’s exciter. These plates are perfect for confined areas of granular soils including sands and gravels as well as placing interlocking pavers, bricks and blocks with the optional UHMW paving pad.

The 18 had some recent modifications to the spray bar and added clearance which now allows for a paving pad to be used on the asphalt version. Additional updates also include standard Honda GX160 engine and new side plate handles makes lifting easier.

Weighing 130 lbs (59 kg) to 184 lbs (83 kg), these plates are easy to lift and maneuver around the jobsite. Accompanied by intense vibration, MBW’s 1000 Series vibratory plates are ideally suited for a number of your compaction application needs. 


plate GP18 AP18 1000series paver pad GX160 compaction
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