Bob Braun retires after 32 years at MBW

Thursday, July 15, 2021

After 32 years of working at MBW, Inc., VP of Manufacturing Bob Braun has retired.

Bob guided MBW's operations for three decades with incredible skill, passion and resolve. He brought MBW's technical capabilities and manufacturing prowess to the top of industry standards which has helped MBW build a brand based on bulletproof equipment. Bob's personal coaching and commitment to his employees and peers was one of opening up opportunities for others. Bob's influence will be felt for years at MBW through his guidance and vision for the plant, the peers he mentored and partnerships he set up. 

Bob plans to golf with his friends, kayak, head to Door County with his wife and spend time doing alot of activities with his grandchildren.

We want to thank him for his hard work, dedication and many years of making a difference at MBW. He not only was an amazing co-worker but also a friend to many of us here at MBW and will be missed.

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