Monday, August 28, 2017
John B

John runs our Model Shop building all the prototype equipment. He has been with MBW, Inc. since the summer of 1971 and was officially hired Jan. 24th 1972. He is one of our "seasoned" employees and we love when he shares stories of the past. John had the privilege of knowing and working with the original owners of MBW, Frank Sr. and Helmut Maass. John stated that he has been working here for so long that he can't even remember why he continues to come in but he does know that every day he is one day closer to retirement. One thing John mentioned is that he wouldn't still be at MBW if he didn't enjoy it or the people he works with. There may be disagreements with fellow employees from time to time, but he stated that in the end, they can all joke with one another about those disagreements. John is a private man, but when he is away from work he enjoys hunting, trapping, fishing, diving and golfing. We are thankful for his long term commitment to MBW and of course the the smiles he brings to everyone he works with.

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