Ride-On Trowels - Lowrider Application


Improving compaction performance yet reducing vibration at the operator position through increases in reaction mass and a lower center of gravity.

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Ride-On Trowels - Lowrider Application


MBW’s Utility Division is a fast growing part of our business. We are attracted to the utility industry’s wealth of opportunities for product improvement and innovation.

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Ride-On Trowels - Lowrider Application


Precision machining, reinforced construction and operator safety features are what make MBW concrete finishing equipment the most cost-effective solution for all your production needs.

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  • BullVibe Vibratory Bull Float Attachment


    The BullVibe is a precision-engineered bull float attachment that uses vibration to achieve a smooth, even finish on concrete. It is compatible with a variety of bull float styles and can be used on a wide range of concrete projects, from small residential patios to large commercial buildings. The innovative tool can save concrete pours…

  • ergo tamp


    MBW has tamed one of the industry’s most disliked and physically abusive compaction tools. Pneumatic Tampers (also known as “Pole Tampers”, “Pogo Sticks” and “Bouncing Betties”) produce hand/arm vibration levels that rank among the highest in the industry. Periodic exposure to excessive vibration is known to be a contributing factor in the development of white…

  • GP2000 Vibratory Plate Compactor

    Heavy Duty Vibratory Plate

    MBW’s AP2000 was the first vibratory plate compactor specifically designed for asphalt applications. Frequency, amplitude, centrifugal force and mass are all established at optimal levels for maximum productivity on asphalt. Further, the mechanical construction of the AP2000 is specific to this very demanding application. Stress relieved steel plate housings are crack resistant and provide long…

  • Hornet Utility Drill by MBW

    Hornet Drill

    The Hornet Drill from MBW is an ergonomic, pneumatically operated utility drill designed with operator safety and comfort in mind. Available in both a 30 lb and 50 lb hammer version. Vibration isolators protect the operator from drill vibrations and reduce fatigue, while the drill guide removes the need for the operator to guide the…

  • GP18 Vibratory Plate Compactor

    Light Duty Vibratory Plate

    This series of economical vibratory plates – the 12, 15 & 18 – is portable and offers outstanding compaction performance. A patented suspension system places shock mounts predominantly in a shear mode at the high-amplitude front end of the plate, and in a compressive mode at the low-amplitude trailing end of the plate. This system…

  • MK8-75 Lowrider Trowel


    MBW’s MK8-75 LOWRIDER covers both floating and finishing applications. LOWRIDERS have been in production for over 25 years and played an important role in the pioneering and development of riding trowels. Decades of experience has resulted in the industry’s lowest maintenance line of high performance ride-on trowels. LOWRIDERS are simple machines with far fewer moving parts, the…

  • R422 Rammer Left

    Rammer R422

    The R422 Rammer ideally suited for the compaction of granular, mixed and cohesive soils in confined areas. A mainstay in contractor and municipal fleets, the R422 offers a highly productive percussion rammer at 145 lbs. The contoured fuel tank provides the largest fuel capacity in its class and effectively baffles engine noise. Power is supplied by Honda…

  • R442 Rammer Left

    Rammer R442

    The R442 Rammers are ideally suited for the compaction of granular, mixed and cohesive soils in confined areas. A mainstay in contractor and municipal fleets, the 442 offers a highly productive percussion rammer at 150 lbs. The contoured fuel tank provides the largest fuel capacity in its class and effectively baffles engine noise. Power is supplied by…

  • Gas ScreeDemon Vibratory Wet Screed


    When MBW develops a new product, we look for deficiencies in products already in the marketplace. Portable wet screeds suffered 4 serious shortcomings: Mechanical Wet screeds were prone to high maintenance, especially in drive mechanisms between the engine and exciter. The ScreeDemon™ employs a simple, durable, low cost rubber isolator to drive the eccentric. Functional Most screed…

  • ATS73 Smooth Skid Steer Roller Attachment

    Skid Steer Roller Attachment

    ATS (smooth drum) and ATP (padded drum) models are available in 73 and 84 inch working widths. All models feature hydraulically powered exciter systems lubricated by an oil mist design. All models feature a patented exciter shaft design that minimizes exciter shaft deflection, lower operating temperatures, and provide MBW attachments with the industry’s lowest incidence of…

  • Soil Pick

    Soil Pick™

    The Soil Pick™ is a selective excavator. Selective in the sense that it fractures, pulverizes and displaces porous and semi-porous soils, yet leaves nonporous objects unaffected. The Soil Pick excavates soil without risk of damaging buried utilities. The Soil Pick employs converging/diverging nozzle technology to accelerate compressed air to supersonic speed (to 1475 mph). The high velocity…

  • vibratory plate

    Vapor Extraction Unit

    INTRODUCTION The Vapor Extraction Unit (VEU) was developed to remove residual gas quickly and safely, while monitoring the percent of gas in the moving air. It also helps in determining the location of a leak in an underground gas line, which has long posed difficult problems for gas line repair crews. HISTORY The conception of…