• Rammers


    MBW rammers feature the industry’s only percussion system completely free of high friction/heat/wear metal-on-metal reciprocating wear surfaces. Learn More
  • AP2000 Vibratory Plate

    Vibratory Plates

    In many parts of the world, MBW is best known for its range of vibratory plates. Product life often runs to decades with minimal maintenance. Learn More
  • Roller Attachments

    MBW rollers are compaction attachments for skid-steer loaders. The range is covered by US and international patents. Learn More
  • Product Catalog

    MBW catalog including all compaction and concrete products. Download
  • Contact MBW

    Contact MBW

    Contact one of our knowledgeable Regional Sales Managers. They can answer all of your questions and get you in touch with your local MBW dealer. Contact MBW

About Compaction Equipment

MBW has achieved the success we enjoy the hard way, slowly over a period of four decades. Our products speak for us... one product at a time, to one customer at a time. When a MBW product is in its 6th or 12th or 20th year of serviceable use, our customer doesn't need to be told that he got his money's worth. He knows it. When a MBW dealer has experienced 10 or 20 or 30 years of successful, fair dealings, he doesn't need to be told that MBW is a reliable and reasonable partner. He has long ago drawn his own conclusions.