Stick Mounted Static & Vibratory Compaction Wheels

MBW static compaction wheels are built to standards suitable for vibratory compactors. That means heavier bearings (to 1,100,000 lbs. static load), heavier shafts (to 710,000 lbs. shear strength) with a correspondingly heavy frame that supports the wheel at both ends to minimize frame and shaft deformation. Our static compaction wheels are heavily built because they can be converted to vibratory wheels when need arises.

MBW pioneered the industry's first stick mounted vibratory compaction wheels in the late 1990s. We are now introducing a whole new generation of vibratory compaction wheels. These new compaction wheels feature a redesigned frame that supports the wheel or drum at both ends to reduce stress concentrations, an improved suspension system that protects isolators from damage due to over deflection and exciter operating temperatures that have been significantly lowered.

What Applications Are Best Suited To Use The UVW Stick Mounted Static & Vibratory Compaction Wheels?

Trenching Operations
UVWs remove the compaction bottleneck in trenching applications. The result is an overall increase in trench work productivity.

Slope Compaction
UVWs are ideally suited to the compaction of slopes. UVWs are the preferred means of compacting the sloped sides and bottom of irrigation canals to reduce.

Methods of Attachment to Boom

UVWs attach to host machine booms via pins and bushings or quick coupler systems. MBW will machine bushings to dimensions provided by the user. Alternatively, quick coupler systems can be purchased from MBW or a dealer of the user's choice.

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EXA18L & EXA18 Vibratory Compaction Wheels

The EXA18L is a lightweight (1090 lbs) vibratory compaction wheel for large mini-excavators and rubber tired backhoes 12K to 18K weight.

The EXA18 is a 1,515 lb vibratory compaction wheel with heavier frame and overall construction. This model is recommended for excavators in the 18K to 45K range. Both models have an 18" operating width and are available in vibratory mode only.


24" & 36" Stick Mounted Static and Vibratory Compaction Wheels

This highly versatile range of boom mounted padded drum compaction wheels are available in interchangeable 24 or 36 inch working widths and static or vibratory modes. Massive frame supports vibratory compaction wheels at both ends to accommodate enormous static and vibratory forces, torque on uneven surfaces and provide maximum life. Shafting and bearings are highest capacity in the industry. Up to 10 times more productive than walk behind rollers or stick mounted vibratory plates. Maintenance is low when properly serviced. Recommended for excavators in the 18K to 60K range. Mount to booms via pins or quick coupler. All models standard with integral leveling blade.





  • Backfill leveling blade integral to all UVWs. Simple rotation of the UVW positions blade to quickly and uniformly spread backfill material.
  • Interchangeable 24 and 36 inch wide drum assemblies.
EXAL18 EXA18 W24 UVW24 W36 UVW36
Operating Weight 1090 lb (494 kg) 1515 lb (687 kg) 1367 lb (620 kg) 2535 lb (1150 kg) 1810 lb (821 kg) 2863 lb (1298 kg)
Working Width 18 in (46 cm) 18 in (46 cm) 24 in (61 cm) 24 in (61 cm) 36 in (91 cm) 36 in (91 cm)
Amplitude Variable with Static Pressure Variable with Static Pressure N/A Variable with Static Pressure N/A Variable with Static Pressure
Centrifugal Force** 5800 lb (25.8 kN) 5800 lb (25.8 kN) N/A 10,000 lbs
(44.5 kN)
N/A 10,000 lbs
(44.5 kN)
Exciter Speed 2600 rpm 2600 rpm N/A 3000 rpm N/A 3000 rpm
Flow Requirement 10-40 gpm
(38-151 Lpm)
10-70 gpm
(38-265 Lpm)
N/A 10-70 gpm
(38-265 Lpm)
N/A 10-70 gpm
(38-265 Lpm)
Pressure Requirement 1500-3000 psi (103-207 Bar) 1500-3000 psi (103-207 Bar) N/A 1500-3000 psi (103-207 Bar) N/A 1500-3000 psi (103-207 Bar)

* Clean sand, optimum moisture. MBW recommends that lifts not exceed 12".

** Centrifugal force data for vibratory plates is not an expression of compaction effectiveness or force. See "Beware of Compaction Specifications".

() Metric Measurements. Specifications subject to change without notice.