2000 Series

MBW's AP2000 was the first vibratory plate compactor specifically designed for asphalt applications. Frequency, amplitude, centrifugal force and mass are all established at optimal levels for maximum productivity on asphalt.

Further, the mechanical construction of the AP2000 is specific to this very demanding application. Stress relieved steel plate housings are crack resistant and provide long wear. Aluminum exciter housing dissipates heat rapidly and custom lubricants preserve bearing and seal integrity. The self cleaning plate prevents dirt build-up.

The AP2018 is a variation of the AP2000 without a roll cage and with a smaller water tank. These adjustments result in a working height of 18" for use in height restricted applications.

The GP2000 is a permutation of the AP2000 where frequency, amplitude, centrifugal force and mass are adjusted to provide optimal productivity in the compaction of sands and gravel. The GP2000 is capable of achieving excellent densities on lifts of granular soils up to 12" (31 cm)*.

NEW FOR 2023!!! E2000 powered by Honda eGX Battery. Weighs 201 lbs. Fully charged battery lasts 30 min.

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To determine amplitude for a reversible plate use our:
Vibratory Plate Amplitude Calculator


  • Standard with Honda engine
  • Optional UHMW paving pad accessory for interlocking paving blocks
  • Optional wheel kit
AP2000 GP2000 AP2018
Engine Option Honda GX160 Honda GX160 Honda GX160
Operating Weight No Water
168 lb (76 kg)
Full Water
193 lb (88 kg)
165 lb (75 kg) No Water
168 lb (76 kg)
Full Water
178 lb (81 kg)
Plate Size WxL 20 x 22 in (51 x 56 cm) 20 x 22 in (51 x 56 cm) 20 x 22 in (51 x 56 cm)
Amplitude .082 (2.08 mm) No Water .083 in (2.08 mm) .082 (2.08 mm) No Water
Centrifugal Force** 2475 lb (11 kN) 3250 lb (14.5 kN) 2475 lb (11 kN)
Exciter Speed 4400 vpm 5050 vpm 4400 vpm
Compaction Depth* Up to 12 in (31 cm) Up to 12 in (31 cm) Up to 12 in (31 cm)
Travel Speed Up to 90 ft/min (27.4 m/min) Up to 120 ft/min (36.6 m/min) Up to 90 ft/min (27.4 m/min)
Compaction Area 9000 sqft/h (836 sqm/h) 12000 sqft/h (1115 sqm/h) 9000 sqft/h (836 sqm/h)
Water Tank Capacity 3 gal (11.3 l) N/A 1 gal (4.0 l)

* Clean sand, optimum moisture. MBW recommends that lifts not exceed 12".

** Centrifugal force data for vibratory plates is not an expression of compaction effectiveness or force. See "Beware of Compaction Specifications".

() Metric Measurements. Specifications subject to change without notice.