Hydraulic Reversibles

MBW's hydraulic shifting reversible plates solve maintenance problems that have long plagued this product type. MBW exciter systems are vented to prevent damage to shifting mechanism seals. Worn shifting seals are readily serviced from the outside of the exciter assembly (patented), eliminating the complicated process of opening and exposing the exciter assembly for service purposes. Maintenance is simplified, service time is reduced dramatically.

All MBW hydraulic reversibles are easy to maneuver, featuring forward and reverse travel as well as spot compaction. Powered by Honda gas engines, these reversibles have plenty of power to tackle the toughest compaction applications.

MBW advises users to carefully consider which type of compactor best fits the job. If there is sufficient room to maneuver a single direction plate, productivity, cost and maintenance favor the single direction unit. But where maneuverability is key, reversible plates are the answer.

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To determine amplitude for a reversible plate use our:
Vibratory Plate Amplitude Calculator


  • Increased weight, amplitude and travel speed
  • Powered by GX390 Honda. Diesel option coming soon
  • Easier to shift direction
  • Protected by a full wrap around roll cage
  • Lifting bails for ease in handling
  • Travel speeds are 15 to 20% faster
  • Lower hand arm vibration along with simple, convenient, safe controls at operator’s position
  • Solid steel plates with substantially higher abrasion resistance & strength than cast
  • Infinitely variable travel speed in forward and reverse directions plus spot compaction
  • Lower maintenance hydraulic shifting mechanism
  • Patented design allows for exchange of lower hydraulic shift seal in approximately 30 minutes versus up to 6 hours in competitive designs
  • Only reversible plate line Made in the USA
GPR15-24 GPR15-26
Engine Option Honda GX390 Honda GX390
Operating Weight 893 lb (405 kg) 915 lb (415 kg)
Plate Size WxL 24 x 33 in (61 x 84 cm) 26 x 33 in (66 x 84 cm)
Amplitude Range Spot-Travel*** .073 - .104 in (1.85 - 2.64 mm) .071 - .101 in (1.80 - 2.57 mm)
Centrifugal Force** 14792 lb (65.8 kN) 14792 lb (65.8 kN)
Exciter Speed 4150 vpm 4150 vpm
Compaction Depth* Up to 28 in (71 cm) Up to 28 in (71 cm)
Travel Speed Up to 90 ft/min (26 m/min) Up to 87 ft/min (26 m/min)
Compaction Area 10800 sqft/h (1003 sqm/h) 11310 sqft/h (1051 sqm/h)

* Clean sand, optimum moisture. MBW recommends that lifts not exceed 12".

** Centrifugal force data for vibratory plates is not an expression of compaction effectiveness or force. See "Beware of Compaction Specifications".

*** Amplitude based on actual vibratory mass.

() Metric Measurements. Specifications subject to change without notice.