Mortar Mixers

Often viewed as a commodity, lower production cost is usually seen as the over-riding goal in mortar mixer manufacturing. It shows - overall mortar mixer quality and life have been deteriorating for the last 20 years.

MBW has chosen not to sacrifice mixer quality. You may pay a little more for a MBW Mortar Mixer, but the returns in lower maintenance and longer life are worth consideration. We're so confident in the superiority of MBW's mixers that we simply encourage you to take a look and draw your own conclusions. Here's a short list of things to compare: paddle shaft and clamping design, bearing capacity, trunion and pillow block quality, frame strength, drive gears, belt tension mechanism, drum latch/lock system, drum and grill weldments, engine shroud, front leg design, material types and gauge throughout the mixer.

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MM80 MM90
Batch Capacity 8.0 ft3 (.23 m3) 2.5-3 bags 9.0 ft3 (.26 m3)
3-3.5 bags
Drum Wrap End Plates 10 gauge 7 gauge 10 gauge 7 gauge
Engine Option Honda GX240 Honda GX240
Engine / Shaft Speed 3300/ 39 rpm 3300/ 39 rpm
Engine Drive Type V-belts to gears V-belts to gears
Electric Option 2 hp 1 phase 230v 3 hp 1 phase 230v
Motor / Shaft Speed 1725/33 rpm 1725/33 rpm
Motor Drive Type Chain to V-belts to gears Chain to V-belts to gears
Standard Axle 46 in solid axle 46 in solid axle
Wheel ST175/80D13 high-speed ST175/80D13 high-speed
Mixer Size - WxLxH 46 x 67 x 57 in
(117 x 170 x 145 cm)
46 x 71 x 57 in
(117 x 180 x 145 cm)
Mixer Weight 715 lb (324 kg) 730 lb (331 kg)
Charging Height 49 in (124 cm) 49 in (124 cm)
( ) Metric Measurements.
​Specifications subject to change without notice.