Walk-Behind Trowels

MBW 36 and 46 inch trowels have a new look... but it's much more than a cosmetic improvement. These models offer a flatter profile stationary guard ring which not only satisfies new ISO safety standards but enables finishers to clean and change blades easily. The guard ring also comes with a standard edger section which allows finishing very close to walls and columns. Very importantly, the 36" and 46" trowels feature a patented "Low Vibe" handle offering the industry's lowest hand arm vibration levels. And a tool free height adjustable operator's handle. Also introduced in 2018, the EZ Pitch handle which employs a constant force gas spring to allow for low effort and rapid adjustment of the blade pitch making operation of an MBW trowel a breeze. 


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F24 F30 F36 F46
Engine Option Honda GX120
(125 lb/57 kg)
3 HP Motor Single Phase
220V Electric
(126 lb/57 kg)
Honda GX160
(128 lb/58 kg)
Honda GX160
(183 lb/83 kg)
Honda GX270
(209 lb/95 kg)
Honda GX270 High Speed
(216 lb/98 kg)
Honda GX270
(246 lb/112 kg)
Honda GX390
(260 lb/118 kg)
Honda GX390 - High Speed
(267 lb/121 kg)
Ring Operating Diameter 24 in (61 cm) 30 in (76 cm) 37.5 in (95 cm) 46 in (117 cm)
Trowel Speed 50-135 rpm 70-125 rpm 70-135 rpm
35-180 rpm High Speed
70-135 rpm
35-180 rpm High Speed
Blade Sweep Dia 35.5 in (90 cm)
Low Vibration Handle Height 35.8" MIn - 43.3" Max
Noise Level 85-105 dBA
( ) Metric Measurements.
​Specifications subject to change without notice.