Walk-Behind Trowels

MBW WALK-BEHIND POWER TROWELS feature the industry’s heaviest bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders and blade arms. Comparison of these critical MBW components to those of any competitor answers the question as to why MBW trowels run so well for so long.

  • Tool free height adjustable operator handle
  • ISO compliant, low profile guard ring allows for easy cleaning and blade changes
  • Four handle options: Standard, EZ Pitch or Patented Low Vibration to reduce operator fatigue and the NEW Patent Pending battery Power Pitch 
  • High torque option with a CVT clutch (Continuously Variable Transmission) for low speed/high torque and high speed applications


2 FOOT edging trowel ideal for jobs that require a lightweight, highly maneuverable, professional finishing tool. This specialty finishing power trowel allows professional results even when confined areas or weight restrictions leave other machines standing idle. 


ENGINE OPTIONS: Honda GX160 / Honda GX240 / Honda GX270 High Torque
HANDLE OPTIONS: Standard / Low Vibe / EZ Pitch / NEW Power Pitch


ENGINE OPTIONS: Honda GX160 / Honda GX270 / Honda GX270 High Torque
HANDLE OPTIONS: Standard / Low Vibe / EZ Pitch / NEW Power Pitch


MBW's Power Pitch handle is designed to create a convenient, user-friendly jobsite experience. Powered by M18 REDLITHIUM Milwaukee battery, the Power Pitch trowel handle pitches the trowel blades electronically. With contractor safety in mind, this system allows the operator to pitch the blades without taking his or her hands off of the handle. Any M18 REDLITHIUM Milwaukee battery can be used and will not affect the handle's performance. Patent Pending.

Features of the Power Pitch handle include:
● LED lights to increase visibility with a simple on/off switch.
● An electric actuator with its own limit switches. The actuator allows the blades to automatically stop pitching once flat or fully pitched within the actuator’s range.
● Weatherproof switches for the on/off LED lights and the variable power pitch blade adjustment. They are enclosed in a cast aluminum housing on the operator handle.
● An enclosed battery box located under the handle and near the operator. It's location helps prevent damage and concrete up build up.


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F24 F36 F46
Engine Option Honda GX160 (135 lb/61 kg) with pan

3 HP Motor Single Phase
220V Electric (126 lb/57 kg)
Honda GX160 (183 lb/83 kg)

Honda GX270 (209 lb/95 kg)

Honda GX270
High Torque (216 lb/98 kg)
Honda GX270 (246 lb/112 kg)

Honda GX390 (260 lb/118 kg)

Honda GX390
High Torque (267 lb/121 kg)
Ring Operating Diameter 24 in (61 cm) 37.5 in (95 cm) 47.6 in (121 cm)
Trowel Speed 50-135 rpm 70-135 rpm
35-180 rpm High Torque
70-135 rpm
35-180 rpm High Torque
Blade Sweep Dia 35.5 in (90 cm) 46 in. (117 cm)
Low Vibration Handle Height 35.8" MIn - 43.3" Max 35.8" Min - 43.3" Max
Noise Level 85-105 dBA 85-105 dBA
( ) Metric Measurements.
​Specifications subject to change without notice.