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MBW, INC. Announces A New Building

MBW, INC. has been located in Slinger, WI since 1967. We are proud to be part of the community and would like to announce the expansion of our facility.

The three main purposes of the new building include:


As the company grows, so do the number of employees. We are bursting at the seams for space; not only for office workstations but also for expanding our manufacturing. By moving sales, marketing, accounting, service, engineering and R&D over to the new building, that will give manufacturing the capability to improve capacity along with expanding and changing the manufacturing flow.


Currently done outdoors, testing is typically shut down for about 4 months out of the year due to the brutal Wisconsin winter weather. The new building will have an indoor area that will allow year round product testing.


A larger training room and service area will allow more customers to attend our training school. Attendees will also be capable of running MBW equipment first-hand in our test area.

The plan is to have the building completed by March 2023.

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