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  • How To Power Trowel A 1500 Sq Ft Garage Floor

    Category: Training
  • Vapor Extraction Unit | Training

    Starting & Running the VEU

    Zeroing out the Sensor

    How to Calibrate the VEU Sensor

    Category: Training
  • MK8-75 Ride-On Trowel

    MBW’s MK8-75 is the smallest ride-on trowel in the industry with the ability to pass through a 32″ doorway!

    Category: Product Features
  • ScreeDemon™

    Category: Product Features
  • GP12 Wheel Kit

    MBW’s optional wheel kit allows for easy transport.

    Category: Product Features
  • Soil Pick™

    The Soil Pick™ is a pneumatic soil excavation tool that locates and exposes buried underground utilities without risk of damage. Lightweight (6.2 lbs.) with zero hand/arm vibration.

    Category: Product Features
  • Vapor Extraction Unit

    Category: Product Features
  • MK8-75 Ride-On Assembly

    Category: Assembly Instructions
  • GP2000 Vibratory Plate

    The GP2000 comes with a Honda, Subaru or Briggs engine, weighs around 165 lbs and has a travel speed upo to 120 ft/min.

    Category: Product Features