Vibratory Truss Screed

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Blitzscreed® is state-of-the-art in vibratory truss screeds. The Blitzscreed is set-up and cleaned in roughly half the time of other screeds. Mechanical problems common to other designs are eliminated. All bolted construction eliminates weldment failure. MBW’s offset eccentric shaft/bearing design results in far more uniform vibration across the screed and greatly extends bearing life. The quick coupling method of joining section shafts is fast and eliminates failure of mechanical connectors. Precision machined, cast A-frames handle stresses in all planes and serve as a built-in fixture for maintaining perfect screed alignment throughout the life of the product.

Blitzscreed sections come in 8′ 4″, 4′ 4″ and 2′ 4″ lengths and can be combined to produce screeds up to 75 feet (screeds in 25 to 40 foot range most common).

Blitzscreed is available in engine driven or pneumatic models with hand and hydraulic winch options (mechanical only).


MBW Hydraulic Winches enhance safe operation with a top mounted engagement lever for instant activation and deactivation. Travel speed is easily adjusted through a simple valve control. The units also have an adjustable relief valve that stops the winches in case of an obstruction. Each end operates independently for maximum maneuverability around columns and other obstacles.


2 ft 4 in (.71 m), 4 ft 4 in (1.32 m), 8 ft 4 in (2.54 m)


15 in (38 cm)


16 in (41 cm)

Weight per Foot

8.3 lbs/ft (12.35 kg/m)


Up to 2600 vpm

Section Length

2, 4, 8

Power Source

Gasoline, Pneumatic

( ) Metric Measurements.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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