Walk-Behind Trowel F36

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MBW’s 3-foot walk-behind trowels come in a variety of engine and handle options to suit all operators. With a gearbox machined and built in-house, these units are designed to last. Teflon inserts in the one-piece spider assembly ensure that the trowel arms will never seize up. The MBW F36 also utilizes hex trowel arms longer than the industry standard, resulting in less deflection.

Additionally, these units are offered in a High Torque version that allows for a larger window of adjustability on blade RPMs, both on the high and low ends.

The F36 comes with four handle options: Standard, Low Vibration, EZ Pitch and the new Power Pitch.

Weight N/A
Engine Option

Honda GX160 (183 lb/83 kg), Honda GX270 (209 lb/95 kg), Honda GX270 High Torque (216 lb/98 kg)

Ring Operating Diameter

37.5 in (95 cm), 47.6 in (121 cm)

Trowel Speed

35-180 rpm High Torque, 70-135 rpm

Blade Sweep Dia

35.5 in (90 cm)

Low Vibration Handle Height

35.8" MIn – 43.3" Max

Noise Level

85-105 dBA

Handle Option

Standard Handle, Low Vibration Handle, EZ Pitch Handle, Power Pitch Handle, Power Pitch Handle Less Battery


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Product Features

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Engine Options Operating Weight
Honda GX160
183 lbs (83 kg)
Honda GX270
209 lbs (95 kg)
Honda GX270 High Torque
216 lbs (98 kg)
Ring Diameter
37.5 in (95 cm)
Blade Sweep Diameter
35.3 in (90 cm)
Trowel Speed
70-135 rpm
35-180 rpm (High Torque)
Low Vibration Handle Height
35.8" Min - 43.3" Max
(91-110 cm)
Noise Level
85-105 dBA

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