Duquaine BullVibe Testimonial with MBW

Testimonial: Duqaine Concrete – How the bullvibe saved time and labor

Duquaine Concrete, a trusted name in concrete construction since 1995, located in West Bend, Wisconsin, has been putting the MBW BullVibe vibratory bull float attachment to the test, and the results are in: increased efficiency and smoother finishes. The BullVibe is a precision-engineered attachment that utilizes adjustable vibration to create a level, uniform finish on concrete surfaces. Adam Hubacek, Project Manager at Duquaine Concrete, highlights how the BullVibe’s features benefit their work:

  • Powerful and Adjustable Vibration: “It had more than enough vibration. Very rarely did we ever have it cranked up,” ensuring a consistent, high-quality finish. The BullVibe’s variable vibration output allows for precise control to match the specific needs of each project.
  • Versatility: The BullVibe proved its adaptability on various projects, including:

Hand-finished slabs: “We left it on the float all the time… I would say where we got the most use out of it was jobs where you’re doing hand striking instead of using a vibrascreed, and those are the ones where it came in super handy. It’s just that much more time if you don’t have the BullVibe to go back and forth to close up the slab, so it worked really well for that.”

Steep driveways: Where a vibrascreed wouldn’t work, the BullVibe’s weight and vibration came to the rescue. “On days when it’s windy and the surface dries out in a hurry, the weight and the vibration of it just help bring some cream up.”

  • Long Battery Life: “I don’t ever remember a time where we went through a battery,” ensuring uninterrupted work and maximized productivity on the job site. The BullVibe is powered by Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM batteries, known for their extended life.
  • Time Savings: “For sure, it definitely saves time, no doubt about it. Just a lot less back and forth trying to bull float it, just saves a few passes for sure. Driveways that we do are sometimes 200ft, the BullVibe is a big time saver.”
  • Weight Advantage: Even without vibration, the BullVibe’s weight offered a benefit, eliminating the need for extra weights like pins and rocks. This not only saved time but also improved ergonomics for workers. “Even if you don’t turn it on, just having the weight there is sometimes a bonus. We never took it off the float because it just seemed like a benefit whether we turned it on or off. Otherwise, you’re putting pins and rocks on your bull float and it just took away all that messing around with that stuff.”

Duquaine Concrete wholeheartedly recommends the BullVibe to other contractors

“The best thing to me is just the efficiency and the time it cuts out of a job, especially on the windy days is the big one, where you basically dedicate one guy to just bull floating and they can’t keep up. We do long driveways sometimes and if they’re 12 ft wide and 300 ft long, the guy bull floating doesn’t keep up and it’s windy. you end up falling behind. Then you end up putting another guy on with another bull float, and I would say the BullVibe definitely helps cut down on the time it takes and passes needed.”

With its versatility, ease of use, and time-saving features, the BullVibe is a valuable addition to any concrete contractor’s toolkit.  Especially on large or windy jobs, the BullVibe can be a game-changer, as Duquaine Concrete can attest. The BullVibe is compatible with most major brands of bull floats and poles, and its sealed system is maintenance-free for maximum convenience. It is Powered by Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM™ battery, which powers the vibratory output and LED lights.

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About MBW:

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